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Pork Ham'o'ween is a halloween based game. It features Ghost Pigs, Scarecrow Pigs, Frankenstein Pigs, ZomPigs and soo soo pig It is now Tusk 'Til Dawn.

Story for nowEdit

The pigs capture Bubbles, Stella and the Blues and hold them hostage in the haunted house from Haunted Hogs, ABS. The ransom is ... Guess what : The Eggs. But the Blues, Stella and Bubbles managed to escape the glass case they where imprisoned in and try to find a way out, but they get lost ! Freckled Pig noticed them captured by General Grievous Pig from ABSS 2 . Grievous will only let them go if the pigs find a treasure hidden in th house ! Now the pigs need to work togheter with the birds in order to ask the eggs ransom from them !   


It's gameplay is like a combined version of Angry Birds Star Wars 2 and Bad Piggies combined. There are 2 types of levels :

  1. Levels where the player needs to launch pigs from the slingshot.
  2. Normal levels where the player needs to build a machine and try to reach th goal with it, like Bad Piggies, but with some differences :
  • The machines must be big enough to make 3 birds, 3 pigs, the King Pig, 6 eggs and 2 pumpkins with candy fit in it.
  • The player has unlimited items to place on the vehicle and permanent gadgets , but create wisely : There are much hazards on your path as well enemies wich need to be defeated, and some are immume to few of the weapons. Think wich vehicle should be the best for the level.


  • Pig = Nothing
  • King Pig = Massive destruction
  • Corporal Pig = Boomerang helmet
  • Foreman Pig = Use robot

'​More Coming Soon !'  oopsy wopsyEdit